Aim looking at firewalls and wondering what people run on their machines.

I have been running comodo on my current machine with very few issues. I have also heard that online armor free is also good.

I am especially interested to hear people's experience with running these on Windows 8.
Kaspersky, love it. CPU usage is extremely minimal, coupled virtual program silence (no pop ups, notifications), it just works.
Coming from McAfee, where it asks you to take this survey, renew your subscription event though you still have 6 months left, omg this is how many viruses aren't on your computer, buy this at absolutely not discount price...
But just as well, Windows Security Essentials is good. I wouldn't try my luck with AVG or anything free like that.
inbuilt Windows defender is pretty good.


Windows has had an adequate firewall since Vista. Third party firewalls are really unnecessary.

Since most attacks are automated these days, a firewall is really just an extra precaution against malevolent programs that you install by accident that will open up ports on your computer in order to send spam mail, broadcast data, etc.

Windows Defender does a good job of all around protection for the average casual computer user.

Common Sense is your #1 defense against viruses, malware and everything else. :)