first this forum


Feb 21, 2013
Hampton, Ga
hey everybody

my name is gervis

i just bought an m9700 laptop
it is awesome green and i will never part with it
got it for less than $500 including an $80 bag
it is in perfect condition
was owned by a young lady that used it in college
she said it was too heavy for her to continue carrying around
i dont use it for games but it is still getting plenty of use
maybe, sometime in the future, i will spring for a newer model
but like i said, i will never part with this first alien

i officially have the alien fever !

i found this site while surfing and got hooked.....ALIEN NATION !!!!!!!!

i am happy and proud to be a member



Feb 21, 2013
Hampton, Ga
thanks everybody for the welcomes !
it wasnt two days after i bought my alien, when a buddy at work told me i couldve bought his
we got to talking about it and i bought it, sight unseen
its a m5550, starship color, i think they call it
got it for $400 including a $90 badass alienware bag
i got it for my son and he loves it
he hasnt put it down since i gave it to him (he is 15 and a gamer)
suggested to him, to sign up here, he may have already, havent checked
we are becoming a family of, old school style
thank you "P" :) .....kinda wish i was more into gaming, but i love it here just the same

say, does anybody know where i can find info on what upgrade options i have on these two systems ?

i have already moved up to a 750g seagate hybrid drive for my m9700....not real sure about ram options
i know it has 2-1g cards.....just curious

my son is already talking about upgrading the video card(s) in the m5550....i dont know what to tell him, lol

any help or directions would really be appreciated

wow, i feel kinda embarrassed.....already asking for stuff....i guess it dont take us new guys long,

thank yall


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
That's what we're here for!
I just bought an old M7700 and I need a new GPU for it too when it arrives so I've been trying to find out what the old girl can take. I think the max for my old unit is the Go 7900 GTX. I think the 5550 can take that card too. Not sure how high we can go with the upgrades though.

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These machines could possibly take the 8000M series cards. I would love to know for sure though.

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Doesn't look like it :(
sounds like we are in the same boat matt, lol

when i bought both units, they came with all kinds of documentation and disks....
but i was kind of let down when i didnt see a build/spec sheet anywhere

the woman i got the m9700 from said it had an 80g single drive
i opened it up out of curiousity and was amazed to find 2-100g seagate 7200's

she also said it had 2-4g ram cards....nope....2-1g ram cards......go figure

there has got to be something somewhere on the web.....gonna keep lookin til i find it
how do they say it ? .....the answer is out there, lol