First Time AW Owner (Late 2011 M17xR3) - Custom Ordered New

Hey all. I'm really not good with filling out these Intro posts. Anyway, I did want to introduce my self because I do love my laptop but really need assistance that happens to be specific to Alienware. I love how most every geek that sees that my laptop is an Alienware is in awe, even with how "ancient" it is. I customized the build in the hopes of "future-proofing" my system, but such has not happened, much to my disappointment. I really wish that I had gotten my Alienware pre-Dell. I don't know if I'll ever own a Dell [again], especially since I've had nothing but hardware issues from the beginning, including what hardware was used to get the customizations that I requested. As a result I've had to replace or upgrade some of the hardware myself. Luckily, having a gaming laptop that is so big means that I can do some of the serviceing of the hardware myself. However I've had a lot of issues being able to find some of the hardware to either replace or upgrade. I'm really hoping that you guys can help me. If not at least some sympathy and advice. If any of you need the specifics I'm happy to reply with them. Thanks Guys.


Mar 25, 2018
Well, Alienware and Dell offer good combinations of gear, but what they actually supply to you may not be the best of its kind in that type of gear. For instance, I just got two different Alienware machines, but with GTX 1080ti GPU, but both cards perform very poorly relative to others like them.