First time buyer and member here.

I recently purchased 2 Alienware M14x R2, Intel Core i7-3630QM,Windows 8, 750GB
NV GF GT 650M w/2.0 GB. 1 for me and then my wife whined she wanted one so I got her one also lol so we can game .
Placed my order 4/17/2013 been reading allot of horror stories about delivery hope ours come in a timely matter with no issues.

We are located in St. Albert Canada I'm like a little kid waiting for a new toy lol can't game or do anything since my hp went to crap.

Anywho any reviews on your Alienwares would be cool


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Welcome! Congrats on the new purchases! I hope you got 1 black and 1 red so you can tell them apart. That first time waiting is pretty rough. Try not to watch the progress on the Dell site too much! :D

I'm sure everything will go nice and smoothly. Remember that you only really hear the horror stories and never the other 95% when it's perfect!

Good luck!
so after checking the alienware site, i noticed i was sold the 1500$ package which is all and fine but i was asked if i wanted 16gb or 8gb and i said 8gb is more then enough but i was charged the package of the 16GB lol if i would have known i would have just taken the 16GB So i call them and explain there like we will give u 50$ credit im like ok but i have 2 labtops ordered there like we can give u credit for 1 only but i wasent going to argue about it anymore lol

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So I got a call from them and was like super excited thinking the labtops were shipped and it was them telling me sorry for he mistake and thy would now credit me 100$ for each labtop once the first invoice is made
Oh idk lol doubt it she is usually pretty shy I ran a guild for 7 years and not till the last year did she even let them hear her voice lol

Did i hear guild?

WOW perhaps? If so I was 2ic of a fantastic guild for years until i broke my 6 year addiction with it. The drunken guild runs were great fun. Then I bought my new R4 so I found Guild wars 2 :).