First time buyer and member here.

I recently purchased 2 Alienware M14x R2, Intel Core i7-3630QM,Windows 8, 750GB
NV GF GT 650M w/2.0 GB. 1 for me and then my wife whined she wanted one so I got her one also lol so we can game .
Placed my order 4/17/2013 been reading allot of horror stories about delivery hope ours come in a timely matter with no issues.

We are located in St. Albert Canada I'm like a little kid waiting for a new toy lol can't game or do anything since my hp went to crap.

Anywho any reviews on your Alienwares would be cool


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Welcome! Congrats on the new purchases! I hope you got 1 black and 1 red so you can tell them apart. That first time waiting is pretty rough. Try not to watch the progress on the Dell site too much! :D

I'm sure everything will go nice and smoothly. Remember that you only really hear the horror stories and never the other 95% when it's perfect!

Good luck!
so after checking the alienware site, i noticed i was sold the 1500$ package which is all and fine but i was asked if i wanted 16gb or 8gb and i said 8gb is more then enough but i was charged the package of the 16GB lol if i would have known i would have just taken the 16GB So i call them and explain there like we will give u 50$ credit im like ok but i have 2 labtops ordered there like we can give u credit for 1 only but i wasent going to argue about it anymore lol

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So I got a call from them and was like super excited thinking the labtops were shipped and it was them telling me sorry for he mistake and thy would now credit me 100$ for each labtop once the first invoice is made
Oh idk lol doubt it she is usually pretty shy I ran a guild for 7 years and not till the last year did she even let them hear her voice lol

Did i hear guild?

WOW perhaps? If so I was 2ic of a fantastic guild for years until i broke my 6 year addiction with it. The drunken guild runs were great fun. Then I bought my new R4 so I found Guild wars 2 :).