Fixed Blank Screen on 2013 M17x


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Mar 14, 2015
This thread may be useful to anyone who is also experiencing a problem with their Alienware 17 screen failing to turn back on after turning off.

Since I've had my laptop, about every 5-10 times I try to wake up the screen after it idles off, it won't come back on again. I put up with this issue until recently when I decided to try to resolve it.

I thought about taking the laptop apart and unplugging the monitor and plugging it back in again. But then I thought about the fact that this issue literally never ever occurs when starting the laptop when it's completely shut down. So then I decided to try uninstalling the "Alienware On Screen Display Application", an application which allows the use of the HDMI input feature. After uninstalling this software, the problem disappeared.

I also emailed alienware support and this was what I received (I changed some of my personal information to *'s because this thread is public.):

Greetings from Alienware Technical Support

We appreciate the reply , the best way to get the system fixed is to send it to one of our repair centers for $430, this will include:

1- Shipping and handling.
2- Major hardware replacement (motherboard, video card, LCD)

In addition, you will have 90 days of coverage on any issues related to any components replaced during the Depot repair service.

The estimated return time is from 7 to 10 business days depending on the nature of the issue. If you are interested in this service, let us know by replying to this email.
Kind regards,
Alienware Technical Support

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Received: 3/13/15 7:50:57 PM CDT
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Subject: Blank screen on Alienware Gaming Laptop
Derek R***
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I am writing because my laptop screen occasionally fails to turn on. This only happens when the laptop is turned on and is let sit until it turns the display off. After it has turned the display off, I sometimes cannot get it to turn back on.

This has been occurring more frequently lately.

I have noticed that sometimes the screen’s backlight does turn on when this happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, I’ve looked at the screen under a flashlight and no image is being displayed.

I have also plugged an external monitor into the laptop when this happens, and the laptop does not appear to recognize its own display, it only recognizes the monitor plugged in via a HDMI cord.

Please help me get my laptop running normally again.

Thank you,

Derek R***

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So the lesson I learned here, which hopefully can be helpful for other alienware owners, is that the On Screen Display Application can cause a blank screen.