Flickering Screen


Jul 11, 2012
I started up my laptop at the school library today and by the time you see the windows login screen, the screen is flickering. There are lines of colored lines that keep coming and disappearing and the screen sometimes looks as if it's shaking. I called up Dell and they took control of my computer remotely to try fixing it. The flickers disappeared and came back a few times during the whole process of reinstalling my graphics drivers. He then benchmarked my laptop with DX11 where I got a benchmark score of 264? The highest fps was 20.5 and the lowest was 5 or so I believe. He then talks with his supervisor and he says we should try reinstalling windows on the laptop and we scheduled for him to call back in 2 hours because i had to go home to backup my important files and get my windows install disc. So far....he hasn't called back after 3 and a half hours and I have to go out soon, but I don't see any flickering...so I hope maybe it's fixed? Hopefully? Anyone else ever had this issue? I'm sad, I thought I wouldn't have any more problems anymore and could go through 2 years or so without any issues.