For anyone who says Alienware Area 51 is overpriced


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Sep 4, 2015
I just ordered my Area 51 R2 from Dell. Called them like some people suggested and got an extra 4% discount (could probably have pushed for more) and also you get a 5% cashback in Canada (I think it's 10% in the US)

With the discount and cashback it ends up being $2497 CAD.

I put together the same exact system and options on PCPartPicker with the cheapest possible parts and it came up to $2458 after mail in rebates plus there will be extra shipping charges.

On top of that I looked up how much my 4 year old M18x will sell for on eBay, and it's still almost worth 40% of its original value. Try that with a generic build...

Needless to say I am very happy with my purchase!
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Nov 24, 2014
And how much "It sure is pretty" worth!..Gratz on the new Area 51
Priceless ?? I know when I ordered my aw17 I could have just as easily bought an Asus or msi for less with the same specs but then I would not have an Alienware. Seriously aw is the Harley Davidson of the pc world. Yea my Yamaha will run just as hard and fast but it'll never be a Harley nor will it hold its resale value as strong as a Harley. You in part pay for the name but you have the option of charging for the name as well when you go to sell it.

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Oct 21, 2015
Yeah its not bad. BUT, making you upgrade the PSU for a 980Ti is BS (900 extra total for the config) plus they charge, like everyone else, a lot for RAM upgrades (400) . I bought the area 51 base model, used the dell only rebate ($310) to buy the R9 390, then sold that on Ebay , then turned around and bought the 980 ti+ cash ($650) then bought my own RAM on ebay ($100)

So dell wanted 2999 for that config. I paid 1699 for the base + around 450 for the quick upgrade and I am selling the R9 370 that it came with so maybe I will get a $100 back so all in all i paid 2000 and saved a grand.
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