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Dear Dell Customer,

We are contacting you regarding your recent order for an Alienware M18x notebook.
Unfortunately, due to higher than expected sales in recently, we are running into a supply issue with the Alienware M18x. We are working to build and ship your order as soon as possible. As of right now, we are estimating your shipment will be delayed until on or before July 5th .

Once again, we apologies for this inconvenience, we know that all you want it to receive your system. Please know that we are working very diligently to ship out your order as soon as possible.

We value you as a customer and apologize for any negative experience this might cause.

Alienware Customer Care Support Number: 866 287-6727, option 2


Order was place 3 1/2 weeks ago.
Hope its worth the wait !


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia

What you need to do now is contact them, cancel your order and reorder the new Alienware 18! They probably aren't having 'higher than expected sales' but more likely they have run out of older parts due to the new machines launching recently.

That's just my take on your situation. Nothing like getting the latest and greatest!
After a long wait , My M18x R2 shipped 7/5/13. Earlier last weekI tried to contact ( number of times) Alienware CS support about My order . Fruitless ! Busy -- No answer - No return of message . Not a good start. Called Dell CS to look into hold up. Lots of help there. If I could of gotten a little cut of price for My inconvenience for hold up I would of ordered newer model. After a lot of thinking I stuck with original order. We will see how things work out .