For Sale 19" mALX laptop HUGE. geiger alien artwork cool - needs new graphics cards

Beno Bell

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Dec 19, 2014
For Sale 19" mALX laptop HUGE geiger artwork cool - needs new graphics cards

Sick of the graphics cards overheating. This was a great laptop but a really bad design by alienware. Cost me approx $6k when I purchased but had major cooling problems with graphics cards which I've changed about 4 times now so I gave up (this is a well known problem) . This has been collecting dust for 2 years. So good deal for those who can rebuild laptops this would be a great collectors item to fix.
I use macs now. much less hassle than PCs

I'll add photos this weekend.
email me if interested. Item in California.


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Dec 24, 2014
I've emailed a few times with no reply...
Is this mALX still available?
If you're looking for a serious buyer send me an email!