For Sale: Alienware m17x r3 gtx 675m asking $1395

intel i7 2630qm 2.0-2.9 ghz
nVidia GTX 675m 2GB
1080p 60hz WLED
320 GB hdd
slot-loading BR drive

Laptop is 2 years old, however the keyboard, screen and gpu are new. Since the gpu is a newer generation, there is no official nvidia driver support on this specific model, however custom drivers can be installed. Fan control is manual. Minor cosmetic defects include two small scratches (barely noticeable on the palmrest and next to the power button, glass screen is in perfect condition) and some flaking on the right side.
Aside from that, laptop runs great. Boot up times are pretty good (30-60 seconds usually). Runs most games on high-ultra settings (without AA usually, but the pixel density is so high that AA doesn't make a huge difference on most games).

Asking price is $1395, price is negotiable but don't get cheeky ;)

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pictures and specific benchmarks on request