For sale: X51 case and power supply - complete


New Member
Sep 20, 2014
Howdy. I killed my early X51 motherboard by upgrading the BIOS, so I took out the CPU, graphics card, RAM, ODD and HDD and built a new PC. Sooo, now I have a pristine looking X51 case with all the internal brackets, power boards, connectors and what-not, just without the RAM, HDD, CPU, ODD and graphics card. Oh yeah, and I have the external power suppy too. I'd like to see it all go to a good home. Make me a reasonable offer, and you can have it all. Come pick it up (southern NH) or pay for shipping.

I have lots of pictures and can tell you the sku's if you need them, but try resist asking unless you are serious :)

I could also part it out, but I'm less thrilled about that, so make the offers good!

- Ken