FS - Alienware 17 2014 - Top Configuration!


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Sep 22, 2014
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The Top Configuration Alienware 17 - 2014 Model!!!

---Sell at $3500, price negotiable---

---Detailed Configs (More detailed please see the picture at the end)---
System: Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit w/ Media Center (see picture for proof)
CPU: Intel Core i7-4910M 2.9 GHz, Overclocked up to 4.1GHz)
RAM: 32GB DDR3 @ 1600MHz (4 * 8G)
Hard Drive: 256GB mSATA SSD Boot + 2 * 1TB SSD RAID0 (Samsung 840 Evo)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 880M w/ 8GB GDDR5
CD/DVD ROM: Blu-ray Reder (BD-ROM, DVDRW, CD-RW)
Display: 17.3'' WLED FHD (1920 * 1080) Anti-Glare Display
AC Adaptor: Alienware 240W AC Adaptor

---What's In The Purchase---
The laptop (of course), AC Adaptor, Resource DVD Win8.1 (For drivers and stuff), Windows 8.1 English OS Recovery - DVD (with Win 8.1 Pro inside)
BONUS: Alienware Vindicator Backpack for Alienware 17

---What I Have To Say---
Honestly, I struggled a lot to decide whether to sell my Alienware. However, with increase workload and gradual realization that I have so much to do rather than video games (I use it for other things as well, but one thing you can't do as well as on an Alienware is gaming), I finally decide that I'm gonna sell it to force myself to have more time to do what I really should do. So, here it is, the top configuration Alienware M17x you can find.
The only thing that may not be top config is the display, which is not 3D display. However, the 3D display was not compatible with 880M graphics card at the time I purchased it, so that was not an option. The CPU is not i7-4930 because that model has too little storage for me and it has less configuration options, plus it did not come with 880M but 780M graphics card at that time.
So all things considered, it still is the best 17'' Alienware overall, especially after I upgraded the hard drive. It came with 256G mSATA SSD Boot + 1TB 5400RPM SATA, the latter being completely not on par with the rest of the configs, so I bought two Samsung 840 Evo 1TB SSDs and created an RAID0 myself. Now everything is AMAZING. You can play any game at Ultra settings at an at least playable fps (even Crysis 3 can run at around 23-25 fps with highest possible settings at 1080p, Metro: Last light at 42 fps at highest except SSAA, and Bioshock: Infinite can even get over the smooth spot of 60 fps, to around 65 fps at ultra settings w/DOF). As for everything else, watching 1080p videos, programming, etc., everything runs perfectly and fast, as you would expect.
<Side Note>Those pictures were took in my dorm with my iPhone, so the lighting isn't exactly perfect with a little yellow-ish tone like any old model iPhones (mine is 4S). I apologize for that.

---A Few Last Words---
I bought this laptop in May 2014, and I cared for it so much, so the laptop is basically still new, with no scratches or wears. I bought it at $3600, plus two SSDs from Amazon at around 900, so it costs me totally around $4500. I lived in LA, so there's still a 9% tax on top of that, but I'll just write that off here. With all things considered, I'll sell the whole thing with about $1000 off (that's basically getting the two SSDs for free and more!). I'll clean everything up inside and out with a clear system reinstall when I ship it to you, so you'll basically get a new laptop, just without the packaging. Oh, and this laptop is still within its 1-year warranty period, so you can still get online technical help from Dell if you have any questions.

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