FS: Sapphire 7850 OC edition


Apr 12, 2012
Im selling my Sapphire gpu thats was in my x51. Preparing for my 670ftw im about to order so i needs the extra moola.
Ive had the gpu since mid May and its an awesome gpu and runs almost everything on ultra. Struggles on Max Payne 3 and Far Cry 3 and hitman:absolution on ultra, but running 12.11 drivers has improved those a lot. Those will run on high though which is still awesome. Im running a 2560x1440 monitor so i need the extra gpu power, this gpu still pushes bf3 on ultra at that res which i was highly surprised.

Asking 120$ shipped in the US / OBO (Make an offer, If i dont like it ill just say no thanks.) This gpu on newegg is 209$ W/6$ shipping, so this is a great deal. To make it a lil sweeter i have the dirt 3 game card still to get it for free ill put in the original box i have for the gpu, I dont think it expires and i haven't used it.

Pics are in this thread from when i got the card.

Forgot to add this: Its the (2gb) sapphire 7850oc
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