Fully torn down Area 51 7500, if anyone needs anything specific please PM


Mar 31, 2020
I have recently decided to fully tear down one of my Space Black Alienware 7500 Area-51 Predator 2.0 Chassis due to the power button being broken. This was an empty case when I got it so I am only able to part out case specific parts such as brackets, screws, panels, LED cables, LED/FAN connections, some fans, HDD brackets and so on. If anyone is restoring a similar chassis or is looking to rebuild it with modern internals please reach out if you need anything at all, just pay me for the shipping/packaging and its all yours. I know how difficult it is dealing with these cases as some things are literally impossible to find. In order to preserve these cases for the future, I feel like its the least I can do, as I've always thought that they were super cool and that they hold a considerable place in computing history.
Oct 7, 2018

I could really use the Ribbon cable that connects from the LED controller board to the door panel pin interface, as well as that interface. I could even use the LED controller board if you are willing to get rid of it!

I'll send you a PM.