Game Clients


Oct 5, 2012
I am stump here guys and I think I have narrowed my problem down to the choice I made. I subscribe to Steam and Origin and have never had any problems with Steam! On the otherhand I seemingly have a problem with This download of Medal Of Honor Warfighter through Origin!:(:(:(

I can play all the multiplayer I want but if I want to solo play the campaign. The game will not allow me out of the mini range task! (during the locating of Argyus) The game just allows me to ammo up from the bum standing in the door and then unleash tons of ordanance at the distant right side dummy! :eek::eek::eek:

I can't seem to get any prompts to continue so it is driving me crazy! That and the fact that I suck using the mouse in games!
Can anyone suggest a solution to the game problem and also refer me to a decent game pad because I don't think I'll ever be any good with this mouse! :mad::mad: