Game Station


Aug 15, 2012

I recently decided to go on a spree and revamp my entire computing experience.

Just picked up an M14x Pretty much maxed out on everything.

Thinking of picking up a TripleHead2Go adapter too so I can get the eyefinity tri-monitor look, but I am very torn which direction I want to go because for around the same price, I could just get a decent sized TV or monitor and have a big screen rather than 3 smaller ones.

Does anyone have any suggestions on monitor setups. I have a pretty flexable budget on this depending on the awesomeness.

The next field is seating. Not sure how much you guys care about the computer chair itself because blah blah blah it's about the specs of the computer and the game not what you sit in, but when doing a complete overhaul its a necessity. Anyone have any suggestions of computer chairs that are worth it?

Sound is dealt with, have it hooked to a 1000w surround system.

Keyboard/Mouse I am not too concerned with. May go with the Alienware ones.

To keep the Alienware look around the whole battle station, I am thinking of getting something along the line of this to outfit the desk with.

Another direction I may try to go with instead of that is get into the AlienFX resources and try to change external LED lights that will match the keyboard color and stuff. Not sure how far I can get with this because I really haven't tried, If I can get the color from AlienFX, changing the LED color along with it wouldn't be difficult. May be easier just to press the color button on the remote though.

Long story short, I am trying to build an awesome setup around an M14x, suggestions are appreciated.