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Hey! What's up AlienOwners I just thought about Monitors tonight and decided to make it a topic for us Gamers who want the best screen quality. I'm no expert at this so bare with me = )

I'm sure we all know what a Monitor is and if you didn't know it's the screen that you stare at in front of you when you turn your Desktop on and start to stare at that Hot Sexy Porn Star in front of your screen nah I'm kidding (Not!) lol

Anyway let's talk about the brand. Which is your favorite brand for Monitors?
Everyone has a preference mine is a Samsung I love Samsung Monitors especially the 850 Series (SyncMaster 27" 2560x1440 LED PLS Monitor) it's to die for and it is PLS which is considered to be better then the IPS which Dell and Apple does offer IPS monitors. I like IPS monitors too, but from reading the reviews they say the PLS is much better. I'll leave a youtube review for you to check out so you can decide. Like I said this is just my preference I love Samsung Monitors and T.V. systems they know how to make quality stuff not to mention there design is flawless and sexy looking.
As for the Samsung 850 series monitor that will be my future upgrade, there not cheap and will burn my pocket. I did thought about going the 3 monitor route, but I only have 1 video card that can support only 2 monitors at the moment and I don't plan on getting another video card because the one I have is a beast of a beast (Radeon HD 5970 2gb) and they discontinued the 5900 series so that's why I want the PLS monitor it's a 27" beast just by itself so I don't have to have 3 monitors, like I said it's just my preference :p

Let me know what kind of Monitor you guys have sitting in front of you. Also what kind of setup and what you would consider buying for your next monitor. I did see some great pictures from the gallery of our AO members 3monitor setup which is awesome. Remember to post some reviews from other sites so anyone interested to buy a new monitor can check them out also.
Thanks for reading Cheers!

Samsung 850 Series:

I didn't get to mention this Monitor it's from Samsung also, but it's sexy as hell this cost a lot more then the 850 series but does almost all the same functions.
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