Gamming issue with 15 r3


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Aug 6, 2020
hi there!
im having crash issues with steam games in mi notebook 15 r3 i7 gtx 1050 ti
i was completely sure it was a video problem but I sent it to 3 diferent notebook technics and they told me theres no problem with the video cards at all.
the funny thing here is that steam games that require some video power , wont work at all but the new doom eternal from 2020 tht i downloaded from torrents, works perfect.
i also cant use adobe premier cause it crrashes
i made a format and clean reinstall as well but the problem stills there.
i dont know what else to do!
had any of you expirienced something scimilar???

sorry for the poor english.


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Oct 9, 2020
Update windows 10 1909 or above , use ddu and remove Nvidia driver . TRY COMPLETE CLEAN NVIDIA INSTALLATION FROM NVIDIA SITE (FULL VERSION INCLUDING NVIDIA CONTROL ) . Always use clean installation in nvidia update .