Gave away my M14x R2

Hi Alienowners! It's been a long while since I posted anything hope all of you are doing well. Just letting everyone know I've given away my M14x R2 Laptop. My brother in law needed a laptop asap. I wasn't in need of the M14x R2 and it was sitting in my apartment collecting dust. I used it for work mostly, but left my previous job that required a laptop for use during work and my new job now doesn't require me to have a laptop it's been about 1 year now since I needed a laptop. The good thing is now I am back on the market for a laptop.

Thinking about getting The New Razer 14 or the Origin Evo15-S. Sorry guy's and gal's but this time I will be stepping away from the Alienware world for now. I will probably get the new AW Area 51 desktop when my Aurora R1 hits the 6 year mark which is not till another 2 years lol my Aurora R1 is still going strong after all these years. Only thing that went bad was my AMD GPU which I replaced with a Nvidia Galaxy Geforce Limited Edition white pcb I believe I posted that on another thread. Will it's good to be back and posting stuff on the threads again. I will be back around to check up on all of you guy's ; )


P.S. Recent upgrade to my Aurora: A Samsung SSD 840 Evo 500gb "thumbs up!"
Congratz! I think Alienware is starting to head downhill with their gaming laptops compared to other companies. If only they would create a sexy, powerful, sleek laptop, I would invest in another Alienware. That SSD is very good, I'm waiting for my 1TB SSD for $200. :)