Getting games on 3 monitors (middle being laptop default)


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Jul 26, 2015

I have managed to hook up 2 monitors to my Alienware 17 R2 laptop. One is connecting through HDMI to DVI and the other is connected through Mini DP to DVI.

With this in place I have my laptop in the middle and to Acer K22HQL 21 inch monitors either side. All three monitors work together and I can extend the laptop desktop display on either side so I can have multiple windows open.

However, when it comes to gaming on the likes of ESO, SWTOR and GTA 5 they only show up on the middle display (my laptop) unless I move it onto one of the others. Is there a way I can extend the game onto all 3 displays? I seem to have tried everything and the only way I have found to do it (which looks awful!) is to window the game and stretch it across each monitor. I don't think I have NVidia surround so here are my specs.

Intel i7
8GB Ram
64bit windows 8
GTX 970M GeForce

Kind regards