Getting Personal. Ask the Question.


Feb 4, 2012
It is really simple you can ask anyone any question you want. Though that person does not have to answer your question if they don't want to.

There is no set rhyme or reason to the questions and there is no theme.

The person does not even need to be in the thread, meaning you could ask for example [member name] a question and unless he/she comes in here or you send him/her a PM'd link that person wont know the question exists. Except of course if you use the @ function.

There are no general questions all questions must be aimed at a specific person.

You do not have to ask a question once you have answered, though it will keep the thread going.

Yeah its designed that way.:D

This is not really a game nor is it like this or that. The questions you ask are supposed to be real questions: Why, would, could, have etc...

Remember you are not obligated to answer the question though an explanation would be nice.

Have fun...