Got It On Order


Jun 17, 2013
i too ordered my AW17 last tuesday (on release day). still sitting in pre production :/ i called dell today and the rep told me that on the 25th or 26th of june that a bunch of 17's are set to go into production. maybe that means ours since we ordered them on release day!?

jeez i been checking my order status atleast 8,987,658 times a day. uuugh its crazy! lol

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yes! its official. the build is on! as of 9:30 EST this morning mine went into production. its still got an EDD of july 22nd.although i suspect the date to change unless theres more delays deepr into the build
here too man. i been checking it like every 3 minutes it seems like lol. it seems like i wasn't as excited over my aurora R4 as much as this one. er maybe it's because the suspense level is higher with this one because i ordered the aurora and 2 weeks later it was at my door. it's already been 15 full days since i placed the order for my AW17 and it's still in production with an EDD of 7/22. i'll definitely see it before the 22nd though. i'm hoping it ships by the end of this week!! :p


May 6, 2013
ordered a alx a few weeks ago. love it, so got the opportunity to get a m17 (12 months interest free credit) so thought what the hell........just pulled the trigger.

Not even got a edd yet as only ordered a hour ago. i will have to wait for the confirmation email in the next few days, but i suspect it will be August for delivery for me.


Jul 2, 2013
Same thing with most of you guys here. Mine is still on production EDD 7/25. This waiting game is killing me. Normally, after work after I got home I wil kiss my wife then check my mail and do some paper works. Now, After I got home I will check my Order status and I will ask my wife what's for dinner. What choice do I have right? :cool: