Got My Forth Alienware Friday!

Hi everyone i not posted in forever on here but i bean a member sence 2013 my how time flys i still have my original Alienware M17xR4 still runs perfect nothing wrong Alienware's are brick tanks the build quietly is insane i also had an Best Buy Alienware Aurora R2 and i sold it to my friend over a year ago and he did massive upgrades to the GPU and other things but it still lives! and kick's butt!. I also had an Alienware M13x or xR2 but it was crappy i sold it not the laptop but just in general spec wise. Way back then yeah so anyways now onto my forth and current Alienware. The Alienware Aera 51xR2 i put on my big boy pants this time and got the flag ship and i love it! i am so loyal to Alienware cause of said reasons. Now i have had issues with the laptop hard drive dieing and speakers not working but once i got the bugs out brick soild machine. I gave it to my wife as a V-day gift (with a stuffed teddy bear and stuff but still lol). So anyone who says Alienware is an over priced pile pc i am liveing proof that it is worth ever penny for long term use and dependability. The only reason i upgraded to the Aera 51 R2 is cause tax season lol and i finaly found one game it could notr handle Witcher 3 EVER SINGLE OTHER GAME in the past 4 or 5 years! i tossed at that laptop stock from Alienware maybe not MAX settings but still it handled and looked amazing. So keep on gameing and being loyal to Alienware :)
Sure i would love to post some pics of my Alienware set up my friend is wiping the hard drives clean install on the laptop but once i get it back Ill post pics of that too but that is now my wife's lol oh i got a logitech speaker Z506 5.1 set up now and my Monitor is a 24 inch IPS 4ms Acer R240HY my gaming station is complete its so epic :D


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Nice man!! Thanks for posting! I have had mine for about 10 months now. - I did a video... it's so sad now that I look at it after 10 months.. I really didn't know what to say about it! I was just to excited i guess lol -
Nice i did not opt for the 1500 Power and the 980's due to price but 850W and duel 960's is really nice for what i want to do always room for upgrades too ;) nice video man glad you lived a dream and if any haters say you over payed for your rig screw them its just huff and puff and envy lol as i stated i had an alienware sence 2011 in one form or another awsome hardware for long term too :)
Oh, I didnt even see your specs! Dual 960's is nice! I think with dual cards that are 960 / 970 / 980 / 980ti... we should be good for a few years easily!
the specs are all in my profile bro oh if you want the same desktop i have i use Rain meter and dreamscape Rainmeter is free but Dream scape is free for 30 days but 10 bucks if you want it permanently worth it it completes the whole experience and yeah i mean i may upgrade for a single 980 or maybe a duel 970 cause 960 is acouple of years old a single can't handle the games i run that good but SLI is like BLAM lol