got some cleaning and replacing done

well since the past 2 months my M14xR1 started heating up dam quickly, after asking around doing a repaste seemed recommended. After some nuisance with some calls with the customer care and crap (long story, it was a pain in the neck) finally spoke with a guy who actually sounded useful (well he messed up with my contact no. and all too, atleast thank goodness he got my address partially and luckily landline right)
I would have done it myself but well was bit paranoid as this is the most expensive thing I ever had and still have half a year warranty left so no harm in calling an engineer. Fortunately he showed up today late afternoon and well replaced a new fan and heat sink instead. Now its working back the like the beast when I first bought it, even played for 2 hours and didn't heat up at all! dam feels so nice (again). He also showed me some stuff on how to open/assemble/dissemble quickly with ease and told me to give feedback (there are some award programs which keep happening and apparently my city ones are the best in the country it seems lol) so now after some lazying around time to show my good will and hit an e-mail :p


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Nice. When I started looking for a new computer at the start of the year I saw heaps of people complaining about Dell customer service. I have contacted them quite a bit and they have always been really helpful. They fixed my ALX the day after I told them about it. Sounds like they sorted you out in the end which is what you want.