Got the deal of the century (m11x R2 i5)


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May 4, 2015
I found the deal of the century a couple days ago and am now a proud Alienware owner, got a M11X R2 for $60, needs a new keyuboard which one has been ordered and will be here in the next week, and when I read the post, the guy said that it needed a new cooling system, ran around 85c idle and would shut down when doing any kind of gaming.

Opened it up and dismantled it, had the worst case of dust and gunk build up I have ever seen in a laptop... ever... after cleaning it up, and applying a fresh coat of Arctic Silver 5, temps are down to around 50c idle and 70c or so while playing Skyrim.

So for a grand total of $83.27 I scored a hell of a good little gaming laptop. Any suggestions on what I can do to speed it up a bit? its already got 8GB of RAM, overclocked 166mhz as per the bios, everything is updated, the only upgrade I can really see doing is tossing a 250GB SSD in there to replace the WD 320GB 5400 RPM drive in it now.

Thanks, and Ill be on this forum as long as I own this alienware :)