GPU Upgrade X51 - Which card ?

Alright guys, my first post here so hello! :)

Now down to business, I've had conflicting views on which cards I can and cannot use with the X51 (R1) For example I've heard that the TDP for the GTX 760 Reference version has a TDP of MAX - 170W is that too much for the X51 with the 330W PSU ?

What Cards would you suggest.

Appreciate any input.
You can probably put a GTX 680 in there, but I think it has to be the stock model with the blower-style fan. Post some pics of the case and your current GPU.
I have the 760 sc by evga. I got the one with the dual fans. The power seems to be just fine but the temp is hot. I'm maxing 83 c while gaming on bf4. I would highly recommend the blower type to exhaust the air out of the back of the case as I'm trying to figure ways to cool my machine
Thanks for the replies :)
looks like I'll be going with the newest card mentioned the GTX 760, I'll give y'all an update when I get it all installed. I'm interested in playing a variety of games really. I'm also interested in Video production so I'll be upgrading to an i7 CPU , preferably one with a low voltage requirement as I'm aware the 760 draws a max of 170 watts under load.

Thank you for all of the replies, much appreciated.