Graphics card difficulties

Hey guys, i bought myself a nice gtx 660 graphics card and the 330w power supply but the card i bought is a single 6 pin PCIe pluggin but the cord in my system has 2 6pin plugs. Therefore my card isnt getting the juice it needd to run so i get no signal on my monitor. Could you guys help me find where to buy an adapter or a new single 6 pin to put into my computer? Ill try to proivde a jpeg of my problem once im on s desktop


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
From what I believe, the card only needs the single 6 pin connector to work. I don't think it matters that the cord has 2 6 pin connectors. The other connector is there if you have a card that needs it. Could be that there is some other reason why your display isn't working. I could be way off though.
So it turns out im a complete idiot and my 545 also only used 1 of the PCIe cords. So why wont this new card work?
660's were the top model that Dell approved and some people can even run 670 so power is clearly not the issue

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Forgive my idiocy, i simply forgot to press the power button again.... I'm so dumb this thing works fine now thank you