Graphics card for the future of my x-51

Hi all I have had my x-51 about 3 months now and am loving pc gaming and would like to continue this my question to those of you in the know is.....what options do I have for my graphics card in the future,at the moment am running a GTX660 and am more than happy with it,I only game at 1080p and so far this card has not missed a beat.I would however like to know if it is poss to SLI another 660 in the x-51 or what other options I have available to me,I know about the psu issue and know that I may get away with a 670?....does anyone know if a GTX7 series card is on the drawing board that will suit the X-51....Thanks if anyone can give me some advice on this:)


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
You'll never get a second card in there. There's barely room for one! I can't see why the next gen on Nvidia cards wouldn't work in there. As long as they have similar power needs (hopefully less) then you should be able to upgrade when they are released.

Most likely, the 700 series won't be a huge leap forward from the 600's though. Probably the same cards with higher clock speeds.


Apr 12, 2012
I think you should wait and get a 760ti when it hits, it's a bit more performance than a 670, but with the titan cooler on it. 770 is going to be way to expensive and no need for gaming at 1080p. Just wait a few more weeks since that's when the rumored 7xx series it's supposedly dropping.

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