Graphics card summary -X51

Zac Martin

Oct 15, 2015
Hi all. I've had an X51 for years and really love it. It currently has a Geforce 660ti in it that I installed a few years back and I am using the larger external PS.

I am ready to get back into gaming and am curious as to what the best card is that I could put in to this thing?

Its a redundant question on these boards but I appreciate any help you can offer.

Thanks in advance!
I'm also an X51 owner and I've been mulling over this for weeks and I'm pretty sure I'll be buying an EVGA GTX 970 model 04G-P4-1970-KR. I have the X51 R2 though. Make sure you have Revision 2 or you'll likely have problems unless you upgrade your power board which should cost less than $100 to do.
what is the part number of the power board to do this upgrade i have r1 and need to know before buying a 970

please and thanks guys

Dell Part Number: D85RT

BTW: I've been running the 970 with the stock power board since Nov. 2014.
This is rare. YMMV.
- external USB fan blowing into the GPU intake vents; run a 96% power and no OC; keep temps under 74°C; balance game settings.

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