Graphics Problem


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Jul 26, 2012
So recently my Alienware was getting slowish for some games that previously it ran extremely well. This made me decided to clean up the laptop and removing all the dust inside. Following a youtube video I took several parts out, cleaned out the dust and inserted them back in again.

When I turned on my Alienware everything seemed fine and those said games were running faster, however I noticed occasionally there were some strangely coloured pixels on the screen. This made me open it again and take out both graphics cards and putting them back in again to ensure they were well connected.

This tim when I turned my laptop on it was much worse. For example, the black screen when turning it on is now mostly green. As another example, in this current page there are several sparkling pixels of green in the background.

Does anyone know what is the problem and how I can fix it?

Thanks you. :)
If you're lucky, the display connector just isn't plugged in straight (or not all the way in, etc...)
If you're unlucky, you damaged a component with a static charge from your hand...

You could test running it with only one of the GPUs at a time, to see if the effect goes away...
But make sure you wear a grounded anti-static bracelet, while you're messing around in there.

If its under Warranty, its best to let Dell handle any problems. If not, be really careful.

If the computer is slow, you can't speed it up by cleaning the insides, you'd have to remove bloatware from windows or at worst re-install Windows.

If your cooling fans are gunked up, cleaning them could help the system run less hot, but again, use a properly grounded anti-static bracelet to do anything in there.


Feb 13, 2012
Sydney, Australia
Pixel disconnection? How does that failure occur, and in what part of the functional chain? If software can fix it, it obviously can't be a physical defect, so its something in the controller's pixel map?

No, I think it is where the pixels do not respond correctly to the voltage that is applied to it.
Sometimes the pixel gets stuck or doesn't register properly.
The software floods the screen with a range of different voltages to help "warm" (note this is not the technical term, i was just at a loss for words) the pixel again so that it responds correctly.

Did you try and give the software a go?