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Feb 27, 2018
Hi my name is Jim. I am a proud owner of two legacy Alienware Desktops. The first is a early pre-Dell Predator 1 case. It's gray with silver alien heads on the side and black on the front panel. It came empty. but with some extra hardware laying around I put it into operating condition. I payed 75.00 for the case. The other is an Area 51 7501 desktop alien green in color. it's in perfect condition. It came with the original hard owners manual with several factory disks. I picked it up for just 25.00 dollars at a garage sell. Brought the baby home and it fired up with no issues. still all original hardware in it. is a beauty. So find this website and forum is just what I was looking for for ideas and input. I am planning to possibly upgrade the 7501 with a new I5 Inel setup. But I'n still not sure if I should do that or just keep it all original. though that will degrees any high end functionality. Anyway Hello!20180325_234724.jpg20180223_003340 (1).jpg from the Oklahoma Outback.