Greetings from original AWO member

What is this one now,, AWO ver. 5.0 (Dell)? I received an email notification about re-upping on here a few days ago, pulled the trigger, and decided to check it out. I signed up on the original AWO site in early 2005, quickly decided Alienware was my dream machine and pre-ordered an Area 51 m15x lappy in March. Guess what? I had to replace the HDD and it's been Respawned a half dozen times, but still runs strong and glitch-free.

I am curious about performance of the Dell AW models. I thought seriously about purchasing on last Summer; but, as I really in more need of another laptop for business and travel, I purchased an Inspiron 15" 5559 i7 0s1 spec-ed to those needs. Nice machine that not only satisfies but also far exceeds my needs. I'm still in the market for AW, though.. How about it, folks? Your comments/opinions are always welcomed and appreciated.

Although the old support sites are long gone and the original Miami crew mostly moved on to Origin, I've retained the build sheet and pics of the Skullcap m15x. If anyone is interested I can post them up at a later date. Be happy and good luck.

Sam, n9emz
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