GTX 1060 shut down under load


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Nov 6, 2019
Heres my x51 R3 Specs, upgraded cpu, ram and gpu:

GPU: Asus Turbo-GTX1060
CPU: i7 6700K @ 4.2Ghz
RAM: 16Gb Kingston DDR4-2666
HDD: Default 1Tb Sata
Bios: Latest 1.2.15

I got an X51 R3 a while back and had to upgrade it a few times, its a handy PC for travelling about but mine has an issue with power :p

I cant push my1060 past 0.9V under heavy loads here, I dont really need the Turbo/OC values, just something past 1600Mhz would justify keeping that card or my upgraded parts in the X51. If nobody else has this issue then its my machine or a bad hardware combo.

Anyone out there have a similar issue with power? This machine will hard shut down setting the power target 10% from the minimum using the OCCT Stress test. This rig shut down like this under heavy 3d workloads so I wasnt too happy the GPU didnt do it thing and throttle down. To get this PC to boot again you need to unplug & wait a bit.

I did a bunch of testing with and I dont think its heat related, side panel is off for cooling, and seems more like power spikes/requests from the GPU. Its supposed to be ok to use the 330W psu with this GPU or higher ones like the 1080 etc.

I had a quick look at replacment PSU's but it might be better returning this machine to its stock config selling up and building a mini itx.

I dont have a lot of peripherals taking up power, just a keyboard, mouse, usb soundcard and a controller. I was considering using a SSD instead of the default Sata drive that came with the machine if it would save a few volts.

I have the power plan on custom/balanced since the mobo acts more like a laptops than anything else. Numbers are below:

OCCT Stress test (Power)

GPU Power: 0.75 - 0.8V

GPU Clock: 1300 - 1400Mhz

Asus Tweak Tool settings (Undervolt power, GPU and Mem reduced)

GPU set to 1600 (-100)
GPU Voltage: Min (+0)
Memory Clock 17908 (-100)

Power Target % set to Min (-50)

Increasing Power target to -40 on the scale will put the GPU power up 5-10V
This is enough to shut down this machine on the OCCT power stress test or heavy 3D scenes with lots of alpha.

Heres my 'stable' undervolts screenshots below, thanks for looking


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Nov 6, 2019
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this setup runs fine 90% of the time for desktop and normal workloads with stock clock speeds, I only recently needed to test why it shut down when working on a heavy 3d scene & tracked down the issue with OCCT