GTX 660 upgrade


Apr 12, 2012
so i have the alienware x51 with nvidia gt 545 and i want the best graphics card for crysis 3 when it comes out what do you recommend?

Well the biggest nvidia gpu you can fit is the 670 (for now), I had a sapphire 7850 before that and I know the 7870 will fit. I The 7870 isn't as good as the 670, but with the new catalyst driver it's pretty damn good. I'd stay with the tunnel design on the gpu like the evga's/stock bc it gives the best cooling, mine stays at 68c gaming hard on bf3 and farcry 3. With the sapphire I had it got into the high 80s bc it blows the hot air into the case.

Depending on the resolution you'll be playing at also determines what gpu you should get. I got the one I have now bc my res is 1440p, so I needed the higher vram and the higher memory bandwidth over the 660ti lower memory bandwidth. If your only gonna be at 1080p I'd go with the 3gb 660ti bc you'll need the extra vram sooner or later. If you have the moola for the one I have Id recommend get that. Bottom line is I can't recommend something with low vram bc of the games coming out soon, like crysis 3.

You could wait for the next gen gpus coming pretty soon with lower power usage a lil more powerful, a plus with that is the current gen price will drop, just fyi.

tappin from the Note II