gtx 675m throttling ??


Jul 1, 2013
hi its throttling when i overclock it so done some research and used HWINFO64

now its stable at 725 core and 1600 memory and throttling dissapeared in tomb raider benchmark and got an awesome 38 fps avg at ultra preset fxaa 1920x1080 resolution which is similair to gtx 680m as put up here

so went on with 3dmark11 but it again starts throttling in 3dmark 11

any fix how to remove this throttle ?? pls help

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my gtx 675m is throttling at 63 c i tried modded bios both from

0.87v vbios: 675m.rom

0.92v overvolted vbios: 675m92v.rom

still using 0.87 v bios its the same throttling at 63 c my core clock comes from 725 (overclocked in msi afterburner) to 450 sudden drop in fps !!!

using 0.92 v bios its throttling at 63 c but my core clock only comes down from 725 to 620 !! not significant drop in fps but its there !!

I have updated my bios to A12 still the same plz any way to fix this throttling ?? also i am unable to overclock it in nvidia inspector the clock meter is greyed out !!


Dec 26, 2012
The only thing I can suggest is a program called throttle stop I'm not totally up on the programme but I know people are using and talking about it on notebook you will find the info in the M17x forum sorry I haven't got a link but I have read it helps as I was going to use it but I upgraded to HD7970m hope this helps