GTX 970 SLI Dual Monitor Configuration HELP!!!


Jun 9, 2015
I have been out of the PC gaming world for a number of years because I was doing a lot of console gaming. Because I am a photographer and will be doing some 1080 video editing, I took the advantage to upgrade to an Alienware Area 51 with dual GTX 970s configured for SLI. Please keep in mind that I have been in the IT filed for the past 15 years and I am a MCSE, but I am confused to how this SLI/1080/Surround/Game Scaling works. Its been a number of years since I gamed on a PC. I bought 2 Dell 27in 1080 monitors, partly because I wanted the bigger screen size for video/photo editing but “thought” it would be great for gaming. As it turns out I love the monitors accept for I want to order another monitor because the bezel of the monitors is right in the middle of all the action and my character is ½ on one screen and ½ on the other, which to me, I think I need a 3rd monitor so that the character stays in the middle and the other 2 will be as the surround effect. I will list out how I have things configured.

Alienware Area 51

Intel 6 Core


2 GTX 970 in SLI

Samsung 840 250 SSD

2 Dell 27in Monitors that only have VGA and HDMI ports.

1 Monitor is HDMI into 1st GTX 970

2 Monitor is HDMI to DVI to GTX 970

Now Witcher 3 runs @ full screen at 38xxX1080/full Screen and it fills up both monitors accept the bezel gets in the way because it’s right in the middle of the action. This I would like to fix with a 3rd monitor.

Now Shadows of Mordor runs at the same rez but the only way for me to get the same to be on both screens is in Borderless mode and then it does not take up both screens. I have these 2 black bars on each side of the monitors.

I checked the NVIDIA setting is Surround mode, which enabled SLI and the max resolution is 38xxX1080 (I just cannot remember the exact number. I have looked all over the net and I found similar set ups and they are running 56xxX1080. What am I doing that is causing Shadows of Mordor to have borders? Is it worth it to get a 3rd monitor, which will have to be HDMI to Display port? Is it because of Shadows of Mordor’s scaling I cannot get it fit all on 2 monitors?