GTX 970M in SLI for M18XR2


Jan 12, 2015
San Diego
Has anyone put a pair of 970M's in SLI for the M18XR2? I see 980's here and over in TechInferno. I just am a little lazy and don't want to read a ton of post's. This M18 is my new project to play with. I've already installed a new I7 3940XM , added a 3 pipe heat sink, the CPU and GpU's will get Tuniq4 thermal comp. and the GPU's will have FUJIPOLY Extrm (17w) thermal pads. , 32 Gb hyperx DDR3 @ 2133Mhz , a crucial 512GB SSD msata, a crucial 960Gb SSD , and I'll most likely drop in a 500Gb WD @7200rpm ( for music -my other hobby, seein shows w/ friends and family)
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