GTX680 or 3GB 7950 HD Crossfire?


New Member
Aug 16, 2012
I was unfortunately a victim of the 680 not working in the top slot but rather, bottom slot.

Needless to say, Dell is sending me a replacement computer and said the computer I send back I can decide which graphic/s card to send back.

Question is which option should I go with?

680 is running great in the bottom slot, going SLI would be expensive and next year something newer and better will come out whereas the 7950 is older but Crossfired which means it should look and run better than the 680. Also, I wouldn't have to worry about purchasing another graphic card and could instead get a third SSD harddrive. I'm not sure yet, but having a M17X, the first year I had issues with the Crossfire 5800s (laptop), that's why the switch to 680 this time around, but now this issue pops up..and...well....Which would you recommend? :)