Guess I should post here as well

So I ordered my AW 18 a week ago. and ship date should be the 18th of October. Really looking forward to getting a dedicated gaming laptop to replace my desktop (self built). Went almost all out with the i7-4900MQ processor and the dual 780's but only 16 gigs ram (not sure yet if ill need 32 gigs for gaming.) and the dual 750 gig drive (1.5 TB raid 0) with 64gb msata ssd. Ill see if the speed is up to what I want or ill go with a SSD boot drive and one 750 HDD. Blue ray drive and everything else :) The waiting is painful :)
Wow, that will be one very nice machine indeed :) 32GB of memory is not required for gaming and 16 will be more than enough. You have gone for the most important bits in the processor and those dual 780s for a kick arse rig. The wait is horrible but take it from me when I say it will be well worth it. My 17 seems to eat games for breakfast and your 18 will have twice the pixel pushing power! :)

Welcome to the forum too :)