Hard Drive Crash - HELP!!!


Mar 18, 2013
Okay so my harddrive completely crashed and i had dell sent a person to put a new one in. So all was well until i went to play some games. The computer can no longer play games that good at ALL! i cant even play minecraft on all low settings thats how bad it is! can someone please help this is very irratating to have a $1000 laptop and have it run like a peice of crap. 'note' its still under warrenty.


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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
You may not have a recent or any Nvidia driver. They may have completely forgotten to install it. Doubtful but not impossible. If so, your machine would be running off the Intel graphics. Go to Control Panel - System and Security - Device Manager - Display Adapters. There you should see your Nvidia card and Intel.

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If not, install the Nvidia driver from their website.