Has anyone ever tried to use their alienware to mine bitcoin or lite coin?

My system has two Nvidia 780M's 4 gig cards in SLI

I never tried mining before, all i have read is that AMD are what you should use and to really make a profit you should set up a special system just for that as to not use more electricity then you are making coin.

Could someone explain to me would it be worth trying to use a alienware laptop to try? If so what programs should i use and download?

From what i can take on it , its your video cards that seem to matter the most, and out of all my computers I have right now, I can honestly say my laptop destroys video games and for burning blue ray discs at the fastest speed.

My specs are as follows intel 4930MX CPU (quad core), 32 gigs Dual channel ram, two Samsung 512 SSD Pro series drives in RAID 0, and two NVIDIA GTX 780 M (4 GIG) video cards in SLI.

Again , im not really sure what you look at when it comes to mining, for gaming I have to be honest and tell you the laptop runs every game i throw at it , mostly with all settings Maxed out.

Any input from you guys would be greatly appreciated. The web is full of programs saying this one is best, that one is best, so I don't know where to start. I'm guessing the strong part of my system would be the GTX 780M's so the best program that uses CUDA would probably be best, no?

Also electricity would be FREE, so that is not a issue for me. Wear and tear would be my only downfall for my system.

Thank you all in advance for any help or info. Also moderators sorry if this isn't in the right section. I figured since I'm talking about the GTX 780M this would be wear I would get a response from fellow owners of the same video cards.


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
I really think that mining anything (bit coin,lite coin..etc)on an Alienware laptop is a bad idea.
Heat will probably be the biggest issue when the laptop is under load for that long .

Also those 780m's dont have alot of power when it comes to mining. Im pretty sure I read their equal to 2 GTX 580's (desktop cards)

And you are right, you will eventually ruin your cards and other components over time (motherboard,battery,adapter,RAM,CPU..etc).

Hopefully you are still under warranty if you try this.

Im not into mining but I have a friend that does. Here's a shot of one of the 10 Rigs he has. I took this last week in my office when he brought it over to show the owner of my company



As you can see its custom racking for the cards. He tells me the 10 units he has heated his entire house this winter lol.
lol. yeah thats why i didn't want to try it out and ruin everything. i do disagree with one of your points. my desktop had two MSI GTX 580 extreme lightening editions in SLI , my cpu was the i7 990 extreme edition clocked at 4.4ghz. my alienware 18 scores higher benchmark scores on every benchmark i have ran. Don't ask me how or why. my gtx 780m's are at stock speed and i would think the two MSI cards i had, while only 580's they were extreme lightening editions are were very fast. the 990x was 6 core and was hands down my favorite processor i have ever owned. I like it def beter then the haswell im running in my laptop right now, but i can't really judge it because of the bios issues so far. I never owned any NVIDIA 600 series cards , but i would guess that my two 780M's in sli have to be equal to on in that series or even low end 700 series cards. Just at stock speeds I am really impressed with how they perform so far.


Apr 12, 2012
yeah, I think the 780M is about 80% as powerful as a 780 desktop card, which today is the top card from Nvidia.

Eitherway... the money you make is not worth the ware and tare on the computer, so I've opted out.

Not even close, the 780m is just about equal to a 660 desktop gpu. Mobile gpus are different period. Dub is right, amd kills at mining right now, that's why prices of the amd cards shot up.

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