Haswell not so good?


What are your guys opinions?

I see the logic behind that argument. I suppose the last Tock (Sandy Bridge) was a better improvement for us PC gamers. Considering that the Xeon and 6-core Extreme architecture is still based on Sandy Bridge technology.
I'm glad to see though that Haswell is having its intended affect on the mobile market, I especially like that the on-board is comparable to an nVidia 650.
It's sad to see that the desktop might actually become obsolete... I picture in the next 10 years people will buy ultra high quality displays and since everything will be wireless in some way, we'll come back from work wielding 2 pieces of paper thin metal with the computing power of a human brain, sit down and open some holographic computing experience. Lol...
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Apr 12, 2012
Only a good upgrade for laptops bc of the graphics and power saving features. It runs really hot like ivy when overclocked, and if you already have a i5 or i7 ivy, it's more like a sidegrade. I think my next upgrade on my built pc well be ivy-E. They should've built the chip like Sandy so it wouldn't run so hot. If your running a pre sandy chip, this will be a really good upgrade also, but you could also save by buying a cheaper 3770k.

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Its still beat by SandyBridge-E hexcores, so there's literally no need to grab a haswell if you're not up for it.
because you need a new cpu and motherboard in the same go.

Haswell though has some old clocking features put back on the cpu itself.
haswell is really a mobile chip generation.