have a wierd hard drive issue


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Feb 15, 2015
never came across this before, so figured i'd ask.
i have the 500 GB drive, and its mostly filled up. only had like <50GB free and deleted a 25-30 GB game, thought some lag in game mighta been from my hard drive being too full. seemed to help. but then i ran ran MyDefrag (could never get windows defrag to work after disabling the dell bloatware that defragged once a week)
game ran great during defrag, thought all was fixed.
looked at my free space yesterday, it was only 7 GB free
ran disk cleanup, only found ~225 MB
ran error check, nothing found
downloaded duplicate file finder, only found game related stuff (same audio file, different language)
ran chkdsk in command prompt.
0 bad sectors. but it said found problems in the file system and master file table (mft) bitmap is incorrect...
please run chkdsk/scan to find problems and queue them for repair.
run it, no problems found, nothing queued
tried to run chkdsk/f to fix, said "used by another process, pess y to run next boot" pressed y, rebooted, nothing. cant get it to work.
erased all but newest restore point, got 22 GB free total now.
ran malwarebytes, found ~12 issues, all pups, deleted, restarted
checked free space, 17 GB free

so when just the other day i deleted a 25GB game, how can i now have only 17 GB free when i should have ~75GB?
didn't download more than 1GB in that time.
didn't let the defrag finish to %100 but it was at %97 when i stopped it cause it was going so slow and the process was using no cpu, very little ram, and no HD recources.

someone able to tell me wth is going on?


Dec 29, 2015
Have you tried to clean out your temp or cache files with a program like Ccleaner or Glary?