HDMI and windows 8 concerns on X-51

Is it true that the X-51 will not work on my HDTV the very first time I power it up?...I never ordered a monitor because I want to use my tv,I know it will work on a tv but from what the guy was saying you have to input somethings on a screen the x-51 takes you on the very first power up of the system and that screen will not display using HDMI..If anyone can shed any light on this for me that would be great.

Also windows 8....am hearing that its not compatiable with alot of games and there are some older games that I want to get I have looked on compatability sites but some people say the game works while others say it does not.Is anyone else having problems with windows 8?...would like to order crysis 1 and the expansions but from looking online people are saying it wont work on windows 8?