HDMI loses signal when overheating/ need to turn off for 20 minutes


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Apr 8, 2013
I've been playing Genshin Impact in 4k resolution (max/Full setting) with an external LG TV also 4k for at least 9 months but this week my Alienware Area 51M R2 lost HDMI signal with TV many times a day. I have to turn off the Alienware for at least 20 minutes and turn on to have HDMI signal again so i believe the problem is "overheating". I do not have any other 4K tv to confirm if the problem is the notebook or the external TV but somehow I decide to test something else. As soon my notebook loses HDMI signal, I unplug the cable from notebook and plug it on my Playstation 5 and the TV shows the image just fine. After that I unplugged the cable from Playstation and plug it back to the notebook, no image at all - I still have to turn off the notebook and wait 20 minutes to cooldown. I checked the temperature and the range is CPU (70~90 C/158~194F) and GPU (45-65/113~149F). I want to change the thermal paste from GPU and CPU to test it out but since notebook is under warranty, I believe I should contact Dell first. I am searching if someone else had the same problem with HDMI losing signal when overheating.