Heads up about forum user and eBay user "Tom Bill" aka "tomfonz" selling R2 boards


Jun 25, 2015

The user Tom Bill solicited R2 boards a few times in this thread: http://www.alienowners.com/threads/...r1-vfhmm-with-r2-d85rt.6325/page-3#post-32856

It seemed a bit sketchy since his posts were low but he was selling through eBay and had a good rating there.

I bought one on July 10 and waited. After not getting a tracking number, asked for one via private message on these forums on July 17. No answer, so I send a message on eBay asking the same on July 21st.

The estimated window to receive the board was July 17 - 23. On the 23rd I finally got a reply from "tomfonz" on eBay

Hey dude, sorry I have been sent out of the UK on business for the week I am back on Friday and I will send it out then and email you the tracking number

I replied a few days later asking if he would upgrade the shipping to make up for this. Friday came and went with no shipping notification, email or tracking number. So I contacted eBay and PayPal's resolution centre.

When using eBay, you are given two options if you haven't received an item. One is "get my item", the other is "get my money back". I had resolved I didn't want to deal with Tom, and also that I probably didn't have time for modifying an Alienware at all any more. I chose "get my money back".

Around 48 hours later, Tom shipped the item despite the eBay resolution issue being open that I wanted a refund. I'm not decided, but this means I'll probably have to ship the item back to Tom or not sign for it.

Tom has a 100% rating on eBay and I give him the benefit of the doubt that this was a mistake he hopefully won't repeat. But the poor communication and ignoring my wish for a refund rather than shipment were bad decisions.

Anyway, just a heads up.


Feb 2, 2012
Thanks for the update. Hopefully it works out for you. I would put a note on the door (in case you are not home) stating that you are refusing package with tracking #xxxxx. This way they do not leave it or waste time trying to re-deliver it.


Jun 25, 2015
Bit of a follow-up:

The board arrived very quickly, so perhaps the seller did upgrade the shipping after all despite not answering my message.

Since I was undecided on what to do, I signed for it, which I regret now.

I asked the seller in the dispute process why they didn't send the refund, but they told me I asked for the refund after they shipped. Based on the eBay times (adjusted for times zones), the tracking number, and my own memory, that's incorrect. I asked for a refund before they shipped.

Still wanting to be sure, I asked eBay to intervene, saying "Seller and I don't agree on whether I asked for a refund first or not. Please clarify."

eBay replied just saying, "Our records show you received the item. Appeal declined."

I just wanted to get all the facts straight before leaving feedback or returning the item (which is still an option). Unfortunately, I feel, the seller is being disingenuous and eBay is not even reading my message to them. I don't feel like I'm a difficult customer to please, but I'm also a little principled, and when I feel like someone has been dishonest, it's a deal breaker.