Headset Dilemma

So as much I really want to get myself a set of the Cyborg F.R.E.Q 5's.. as I'm sure some people know by my threads. I recently was wondering through my local Staples and say they had a pair of Steel Series Siberian V2 Gold series. I did some research and they are a really nice pair, they're simply designed, light but built well I think, or so the reviews have said. They have superb sound quality, rivalling legendary Sennheisers quality at 10 - 28,000Hz and 50 mm drivers. Impressive, Hardware Heaven says they rival 5.1. Bullets and ambient noise are apparently really distinguishable only surpassed by 7.1 headsets. All that for 90$
Compared to the Cyborgs which are 20 - 20,000hz, 50mm Neodymium magnets, all metal construction AND I have a R.A.T so they'd match, also they are USB/3.5mm plug adaptable. All for the low low price of 159$ on preorder from GameShark.

SO Need opinions. Halp! Wait for the headset of my dreams that will match my amazing mouse, last a long time or go next door and get a the Siberians?

EDIT: Links to the Hardware Heaven reviews.


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Feb 21, 2012
Actually you should do what wilby said. I know from first hand experience that once you set your eyes on something and you end up getting something else you'll be very disappointed :p
So just go for the Cyborg if that's what you really want :)