Hello Alien World!

i was looking for a plug in for my winamp and i came across this forum i read some posts and it helped me get my alienfx to work on winamp for my M17XR4 :cool: thank you to the posters who helped me with that :)

My name is JJ and i have been into computers forever this is my third alienware i owned i known about alienware forever finally got my first three years ago traded it cause my friend worked out a sweet deal with me it was an Alienware Aurora R2 amazing system got it from Best Buy best PC i ever owned ever used if i ever have a chance i want another one maybe an ALX i want one so bad :eek:

Next system i owned was an Alienware M11xR2 i believe could have been an 3 its hard to remember right now i got it off of www.newegg.com refurbished eh it was alright but the duo core CPU in it is what killed it so i sold it

Now currently as i am typeing this i got an Alienware M17XR4 got it off alienwares websight sight its self best laptop ever my specs are in my profile

In closeing i hope i can learn from you all and i hope i can teach something too and help someone new to the Alienware family :) happy gameing and keep it alienware!