Hello all! Accidental Alien Owner ...

My name is Bill. I had an I/T career that spanned 35 years, most of it in enterprise-level systems. I love the aliens but never ever thought I'd be able to afford one! (Now retired/SS.)

Then, one day, a new acquaintance (guy who sells used computers) traded me an Alienware Area-51 R1 that was in surprisingly good condition - just a missing top vent plate and a bent door - for $50 in computer parts.

It's got dual RTX-460 graphics cards configured in SLI mode and runs like a champ. I've started restoration, thanks to Cass-Ole', and I'm loving every minute of it. Added a 512GB SSD and a 4TB hard drive. Man, I love the drive cages on this machine!

Yeah, it's a beast and a hernia-maker, but so what? I'VE GOT AN ALIEN!! :cool:

On the list are better graphics cards, and the bluetooth module (I know where to get both). Sadly, the slightly bent left door cannot presently be replaced. I'll try to repair it.

I know, I know. tl;dr. The takeaway is that I'm a huge enthusiast who's been working in I/T and with computers for a very long time. Not a genius or necessarily that great with PCs, but - enthusiastic.

Stay safe, stay away from people, wear your mask <3

-- Bill