Hello Everyone :) I Am New To This!


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Dec 30, 2016
Hi Everyone Name Is Evan I Bought A Alienware M18xR2 And Have Not Had Problems With It At All Since New And In Store. But Now Since I Downloaded Windows 10 ... PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS ON THIS MODEL!! I Have Lost My Alien Command Center, And All Functions To Go With It. When I Try To Reload The Driver It Wont Load Because Of The Frame Work It Says. I Went To Microsoft Official Site And Got The Newest 1 But It Still Wont Load Thru The Install Of The Alien Command Center.
My Guess Is I Will Have To Downgrade The Framework To NET 3.5
Anybody got Any Ideas.
I had to wipe the HD Entirely Just To Reinstall update On The Windows Anytime Update Either? I am Truly Stumped.